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Section 2
Pointe-Claire to Pierrefonds

Updated October 14, 2004

Except for a brief detour at 2 km, we follow the scenic route that parallels the water. Initially called Lakeshore Rd/Chemin Bord du Lac, this road changes its name as we pass through a succession of municipalities.
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km Landmarks Comments
00.0St-Jean BlvdThe pavement's not too bad
00.6Yacht Club 
01.6Pointe-Claire St, commercial areaStart looking for the turn ahead
02.0Fork left onto old Lakeshore Rd  
03.1Turn left onto Beaconsfield BlvdWe rejoin the main drive
06.0Commercial heart of Beaconsfield 
07.5Magnolia St; entering Baie d'Urfe 
09.1Morgan St. 
10.5John Abbott CollegeWe're in Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue
12.3Commercial heart of Ste-Anne 
12.5Bridge (Hwy 20 and CN/CP Rail)Westernmost tip of the island
After the bridge, our road (Blvd Ste-Anne) turns to the right. Follow it around and continue past about 3 side-streets, looking for the left turn onto Senneville Rd, which continues the scenic drive.
13.1Muir ParkEntering Senneville
13.7Speed bumps... 
14.9Bridge (Hwy 40) 
15.5Our one significant hill to climb 
16.3For several km the road is very rough ...through lovely woods
19.5Ch. Anse à l'OrmeWe're now on Gouin Blvd
21.5Cap St-Jacques Regional Park 
22.5PARKING at the park entrance 
The environment becomes suburban, heralding the end of the section:
23.5Château Pierrefonds Ave 
End Of Section 2. At Château Pierrefonds we turn right, leaving the road we've been following. We'll skate up Château Pierrefonds just a couple of hundred yards, to turn left onto the bike-path alongside Pierrefonds Blvd.

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