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Section 3
Pierrefonds to Montréal-Nord

Updated October 14, 2004

Section 3 begins at the intersection of Gouin (the scenic road we've been on) and Château Pierrefonds. We turn right to climb Château Pierrefonds for a couple of hundred meters, before turning left to follow the bike-path alongside Pierrefonds Blvd. We are now in Pierrefonds, and will follow Pierrefonds Blvd for 8.7 km, before rejoining Gouin. The bike-path is crossed by numerous intersections and driveways. Use caution!
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km Landmarks Comments
0.00Château Pierrefonds BlvdClimb to the right
0.05Turn left at Pierrefonds BlvdNow we're on the bike-path
02.2St-Charles Blvd 
04.0Jacques-Bizard BlvdBike-path along roadside
04.2Provigo grocery-store 
05.0St-Jean BlvdTim Horton Donuts (bagels!)
05.9City Hall, Pierrefonds 
08.4Sources BlvdCross to the other side
We follow the curve of Pierrefonds Blvd to where it ends in a T at Gouin Blvd. Since we're going to turn right, it's safest to cross the road at Sources Blvd to continue along the sidewalk to Gouin.
09.0Railway tracksCross on the sidewalk
09.1Bus terminus, train stationBe careful of traffic
At 10 km, shortly after the railway tracks, we cross Gouin to follow Lalande Blvd which angles off to the left. This comes just a little after the bike-path sign telling us to cross. (If you do follow the bike-path signs you will join up with Lalande anyway.) Support vehicles, note that there are service stations here.
10.0Now on Lalande Blvd...soon beside the water
11.0We are now beside Rivière-des-Prairies 
12.2Turn left, back onto Gouin Blvd 
Be careful. Gouin Blvd is wider here and traffic is faster and busier. Cars in the right lane will not be able to pass you unless you stop stroking and show them you know they're there. Don't ignore them! Stand up, let them pass, and they'll be careful too. Do your best not to give drivers ANY reason to complain about the Défi!
13.3Bois de Liesse Park 
13.6Bridge (Hwy 13) 
14.4Convenience store 
15.7Antoine-Berthelet St 
Ignore the bike-path sign pointing to the right. It just takes a long detour through the streets.
16.1End of Saraguay ParkStay on Gouin Blvd
17.0Albert Prevost Institute 
17.5Major intersection: Laurentian Blvd 
18.9Bridge (Hwy 15) 
After going under the bridge for Hwy 15, look for the bike-path along the left side of Gouin. Cross to it immediately. From here to the end of the section, it's easy: just follow the bike-path. Shortly after the path begins, it turns left, leading to a woods, a railway bridge, a park across from Bordeaux Prison, then behind Notre Dame de la Merci Hospital.
21.6Tolhurst St 
The bike-path turns left again to cross Viel Park, and continues on Somerville St with a view of Viau Bridge, then into Stanley Park, then returns to follow Gouin Blvd for another km.
22.2St-Laurent Blvd 
22.7Berri St, Lajeunesse StWe go under Viau Bridge
24.5Papineau St We're back on Gouin
About .5 km after crossing Papineau St on Gouin, the bike-path turns left at Du Pont St, then right. NB, we don't go towards Île de la Visitation! The bike-path to the right leads through a forest to follow the river. From here to the end of the section the path is excellent, with a lovely panorama of the river.
28.0Sault aux Recollets Dam 
We return to following Gouin Bvld for several intersections until the end.
28.8Pie IX Bridge 
End Of Section 3. You must pass the checkpoint by 12 noon.

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