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Section 4
to Pointe-aux-Trembles

Updated October 14, 2004

From an endurance point of view, this is where things can get tough. However, this section has long stretches of good, smooth skating, so if you're not too tired you can make very good time.
Maps: Sections 4 & 5 (542 KB) ~ PDF version (983 KB);
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km Landmarks Comments
00.0Pie IX Blvd & Gouin We follow the river for a while
01.5Fine long bike-path beside Gouin... 
05.714th AveShort break in the bike-path
06.7We cross a little parkConvenience store nearby
PARKING: Park André Corbeil dit Tranchemontagne
07.0Temporary end of the bike-path 
08.2The bike-path goes along Gouin 
09.156th Ave: ImportantTurn left here
Follow De Clichy Street to the end
09.7Turn back onto Gouin (left)In front of the church
12.7Nice park, excellent bike-path 
13.5Sanitation, Montréal Urban Community 
Cross Gouin to follow the bike-path on the other side, right of the pylons. This is a nice segment.
14.5MonasteryVery bad surface
15.3One-lane bike-path alongside Gouin 
15.8Ignore unpaved bike-path, stay on Gouin
Stay alert, be very careful here: the surface is very poor here and the bike-path narrow or non-existent. Watch for traffic.
17.0Charles De Gaulle Bridge (Hwy 40)300 metres under construction
100 yards after the bridge, we turn right to follow the bike-path through the forest. This takes us to Sherbrooke St (Hwy 138) at the intersection with Famille Dubreuil Str, where we turn right.
18.7We briefly follow Sherbrooke St on the right. 
19.081st Ave and SherbrookeAvadeo Restaurant
End Of Section 4. You must pass the checkpoint by 3 p.m.

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