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Section 5
Pointe-aux-Trembles to Verdun

Updated October 14, 2004

You're on bike-path all the way, save for a 2-km stretch near the end on Wellington.
Maps: Sections 4 & 5 (542 KB) ~ PDF version (983 KB);
Detail A (366 KB) showing the last 10 km ~ PDF version (655 KB);
Detail B (215 KB) showing the descent from René-Lévèsque to the Old Port ~ PDF version (592 KB);
Detail C (170 KB) showing the way from the Old Port to Wellington St. ~ PDF version (503 KB).


km Landmarks Comments
00.0Sherbrooke at 81st AveCross to follow 81st to Notre-Dame
Normally we turn onto the bike-path right after crossing the tracks, however construction under way obliges us to continue on 81st to Notre-Dame.
00.6Turn right onto the bike-path at Notre-Dame
02.4Follow Notre-Dame almost to 56th aveConvenience store
Turn right with the path to follow the railway tracks for about 5 km.
From here to the Old Port the route is quite straightforward, despite many twists and turns. We go intermittently along the railway tracks and Notre Dame St, through quiet residential streets and a few parks. Just watch for the green bicycle signs, and follow the bike-path all the way. You are now once again beside the St Lawrence River.
After 4 or 5 km beside the railway tracks, we turn right at 42nd Ave to go up to Gauchetiere St, where we turn left. At the end of the street the bike-path continues through a park, under electricity pylons, and down to Victoria St.
We follow Victoria St. alongside the railway as far as 36th Ave, where we cross the railway and follow the path to Marien St.
At Marien St we go left to cross Notre Dame and get back on bike-path along the water (right). In the refinery sector the path takes us back to Notre Dame, where we continue left on the bike-path alongside the road.
10.9Georges V Ave (after the refineries)Left with the bike-path
The bike-path takes us back along the water in a fine park, Promenade Bellerive. The pavement is a little rough in spots. Near the end of this park there is a fork in the path: go right, towards Notre Dame. (If you forget and go left, there's a dead-end at a park building.)
14.0Back along Notre Dame. A McDonald's...And a donut shop!
16.5Dickson St: cross to the other side 
Following the bike-path now along the right side of Notre Dame, by km 17.5 we are in a linear park traversed by frequent intersections. You must stay on this path, do not skate on Notre Dame! The path is fun and very good quality, but slow down and stop at the intersections.
21.5De Lorimier St: cross to the other side(Blue pavement)
You are now on the bike-path along the left side of Rene Lévesque Blvd. Follow this as far as you can: at Berri St you'll see a green bike sign indicating that the path is at a T.
22.9Berri St, cross and turn left. 
Warning! On the downhill down Berri, you must brake all the way even if the light is green at the bottom. There is heavy traffic here, and cars turning right on the green may not see you. This holds true for all of the intersections here: stop on the red, watch for cars turning into you on the green.
23.4Commune St, cross and turn right.Montreal's Old Port
At the first entry crossing the bike-path alongside Commune, you have a choice: either keep going straight, or turn left. In the past we've always turned left, as given in the instructions below, crossing the railway tracks and then re-crossing them a little later. However, it's possible to avoid that mess, keeping the tracks on your left and the street on your right. If you see how to do it, go ahead - it's allowed - and skip the following down to "25.5    Locks".
The Old Port section is slow skating and sometimes tricky. Just a few yards after turning onto the bike-path on the far side of Commune St, you must turn left across the railway tracks, then right onto the broad walkway. The tiled surface here can be slippery, so take it easy and watch out for pedestrians, cyclists and pleasure-skaters.
While still on the tiles, you'll come to a 20-foot section of coarse brick. Give yourself enough speed to roll across without stroking, keeping one skate in front of the other for stability.
The tiles lead straight onto a wide road (with no cars on it); at the end of the road, turn right to cross the railway tracks again, then immediately left to follow the bike-path parallel to Commune St.
Where Commune St turns left to go over a blue-green humpback bridge, just follow the bike-path all the way: over the bridge, then a hair-pin turn left to curl back around and under it -- slow down as you come down the bridge! Continue along the trail beside the canal, until you come to a T. Turn right onto the bike-path following the narrow Lachine Canal.
26.0We've gone under the Bonaventure Autoroute
Keep the narrow Lachine Canal on your right. Ignoring the little wooden bridge that crosses it, continue alongside the Canal for another 100 yards or so, turning left at the first opportunity -- just before the fork in the bike-path, which is less convenient. This brings you to the side of Wellington St. Watching for traffic, cross Wellington and turn left to skate on the right side of the street. This is the only part of Section 5 where you are skating in a traffic lane, so stay alert and always yield to traffic.D
26.5Wellington St. 
You have about 2 km to skate along Wellington, heading towards Verdun. Watch for the Canadian Tire which will eventually appear on your left.
27.2We go under a bridge (CN rail) 
28.3Under another bridge (Hwy 15) 
28.4Canadian Tire storeCross and turn left.
Having crossed Wellington at the Canadian Tire store - right after the Maxi store - follow the bike-path left for the 50 yards or so of Henri Duhamel Blvd.
You come to the entry ramp to Hwy 15/Champlain Bridge. Cross it to the bike-path on the other side and turn right, away from the bridge.
After a mere 20 yards, the bike-path cuts left across an unused road (careful of the dip), then comes to another T, or at least a fork, right behind a baseball diamond. Here you go left (the right side ends in a parking lot). The bike-path heads toward the river, curving to the right around the playing fields, for the final 200 yards to the Auditorium.
29.5End of Section 5!End of the Défi!
CONGRATULATIONS! YOU DID IT! (You must reach the finish by 6 p.m.)
Medals are awarded at a party that is held about a month or so later -- you'll receive an invitation in the mail. Thanks for participating!

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