Report - Dennis Timmons



This being my first time, I am glad to see that I wasn't the only one to consider this an extremely grueling event.. I crashed once and almost a second time, around the 90 km mark, I figured that I couldn't continue but somehow I got the strength to carry on.. I finally got my second wind when I reached the downtown area and knowing my goal was to make it under 7:00 hours, the last 5 kms were basically a sprint to make it.. It was quite an extraordinary feeling crossing that finish line.. I thought at the end of the race that I would never do this again but when I woke up the next day, reflected on what I had accomplished.. I changed my mind.. Looking back, it was quite a rewarding experience and I'm glad I did it..

The 2 hardest parts for me were through Senneville and then Notre Dame street with that wind.. It was very dangerous at points as well, turning was near impossible.. And that "S" turn on the bike path after or around Pie IX bridge was unbelievable.. Wet and full of leaves...... I dropped my water bottle and just continued skating into the grass, there was no way I could have made that turn...

Dennis Timmons