Report - Michel Després



I'm the fellow Québécois who skated with Rod as described in his report. It was my first time! I show up early in the morning with 5000 km of cycling in my legs. Me, the cycling fanatic, I say to myself "128 km on skates... this will be easy." Oops! Was I wrong!

And we're off! By the 3rd km I already had four new friends: 3 Americans and a Quebecker (Rod). Encouraged by my new friends and the superb weather (leaving aside the rain in the morning), I skated the first 90 km without much trouble... But the last 38 were much, much harder.

I "just loved" the bike-paths and the part along Notre-Dame, and the wind... the wind! I had to stop a while in Old Montreal to get my strength back, but I finally finished the challenge.

It was a tough day, but one filled with great moments. Thanks to my friends who were so encouraging all along the way. Thanks to all the volunteers behind the Défi... See you at the party!

Michel Després