Report - Serge Cormier



I remember seing Rod's group take on the wicked S curve in Section 3 right in front of me, and me not learning anything :)... I came into that like most others without a solid sense of security but I managed to spread the body weight and move on as a bonus on track at good speed. Then you all disappeared and I refueled.

I fell at Checkpoint 2, braking sideways on water. I still can't comprehend why I didn't foresee that, being a hockey player LOL. I paid the price afterwards, broken watch, swollen wrist, BUT I had my JEANS! so no cuts or pieces of skin on Gouin. That's fine by me...

I foresaw danger for such a long distance and wore jeans but lost so much time. Tights are the way to go.

What can I say about the last kilometre except a moment of unforgettable glory!

Personal memories: the moon at 5:55; a momentary vision of the sun rising over the St Lawrence... Hoping my buddy would catch up and forgive me for taking off so fast... Seeing my buddy arrive by car at the end of Section 3... Talking computers for 2 hours; skiing through the dead leaves... And the best memory of all: meeting a fantastic group of people!

Serge Cormier