Report - Allison Turner



After more than two weeks, I am finally able to wear regular shoes. My poor technique (which kept me from falling during the rain-Défi) left some bad cuts down both my achilles tendons. I adopted poor technique to keep myself from falling cause I thought I'd had taken my fair share of falls this season. Also, my skates were not tight enough from the start (I'd been skating barefoot until the Défi -- when I had to wear socks...) so my feet were sliding inside my boots like they'd never done before. But this past weekend, I was able to skate again. Yea.

The challenge (Défi) was something that I had some fun with but would never do again in the rain (I did it once and that's enough). If anyone detected a certain expression on my face at any point in time, it was not pain. Rather it was "I've had my fill -- can we get on with something more fun?" Towards the end, still feeeling no pain (perhaps overcome by endorphins), I pulled for nearly the last km and a half, until Charles said "Why don't you take a break?" So I went to the back of the pack and finished fourth out of the four of us.

On the dry, I would have taken all three of them on. Charles, Simon and Said (three phenomenal skaters from our club). In the wet, we all survived the slippery surfaces. And thanks mostly to Youri and Guillaume who were patrolling alongside (making sure we were warm, nourished and safe to cross dangerous intersections), we made it to the finish line in one morsel -- each. Thanks guys!!!

I will do the Défi a hundred times over -- dry. The rain made the event something that I do not wish upon anyone.

Allison Turner