Report - Lionel Gagné



It's Wednesday night, and yes, I've been telling the story of our adventure on the bike-paths of Montreal to all of our friends in Victoriaville who skate with us. I think a number of them will come next year, we're going to pump up them all season.

As for what happened to us on Saturday... Me and Geneviève Therrien had gotten to the beginning of Section 3, the intersection of St-Charles and Gouin Blvds -- it was 9 am... and it was the visibility on the streets, the ever-deepening puddles, the risk of injury... putting it all together we decided to drop out. Because we had a friend, Geneviève's sister, following us in a car, so we had spare clothes available. If the rain had stopped we would have gone on.

But now we'll just look forward to next year. We loved the feeling of starting out in the dark, following the lead pack and so on, despite the several falls that happened ahead of us. We all encouraged each other! There was one skater with two friends following him on bikes. He thought we were pretty brave to carry on skating in the rain.

A huge bravo to everyone who got to the end and finished. Now we're getting ready for cross-country skiing, the only thing missing is snow.

For news about the Victo gang take a look at our web site, Stamina. There are photos of us and some stuff about what we do. Till next year!

Lionel Gagné