Report - Maurice Gatien



Just wanted to thank you and the various volunteers who organized yesterday's event.

Even though I am walking somewhat gingerly today, I am enjoying the inner glow that comes from prevailing in yesterday's water-logged conditions.

Unfortunately for me, I managed to fall in the darkness in the first kilometre. I separated a rib in the process. It's interesting how the pain from a separated rib can draw attention away from the accumulating soreness in one's legs the further one goes along (though not recommended of course as a technique for doing so).

As I reached each station, your volunteers were kind enough to assist me in removing my CamelBak and filling it with water, since my sore ribs made the task painfully difficult to slip off my back.

The last 30k were accompanied by the squeak of wet bearings and the sluggishness of my skates. But as the towers of the downtown area loomed ahead, with the rain finally easing, I knew that I was going to make it.

I was probably hallucinating by the end. Certainly, there is a dream-like quality to the final stretch. But one thing that came through loud and clear at the finish line was the genuine enthusiasm of your volunteers.

Thanks again for making it a memorable experience.

Maurice Gatien