Report - Roland Boisvert



Hi everyone who reads this.

This year was my second Défi. With all the rain that fell that Saturday, along with the cold and the the wind, psychologically and physically it was a completely different animal than the year before. Man did I miss the sun. But what grabs me the most was that I finished with a huge improvement in my time: 11h25 in 2001, and 8h57 in 2002. Actually I was aiming for 7h59 (gold) and until the 5th section it looked in reach, but the cold and the wind got the better of me. I learned that when you shiver for 5 or 6 hours, no matter how much the brain says keep going, the machine slows down. Next time I'll put on my windbreaker sooner... Bravo to all the crazies who took on Mother Nature that morning, both the skaters who finished and those who had to drop out. To do even a few kilometres in that stuff was a challenge in itself. By the way, I had to use the toilet at one point and do what requires you to lower your pants... Oh geez wet pants are cold as heck when you pull them back up!

Thanks to Robert for dreaming up this beautiful madness.

Thanks to all his gang of helpers, who looked after us to keep the adventure safe.

Thanks to the folks in Roller-Montréal who, with their dynamism and professionnalism, are a real source of inspiration.

Thanks again to Roller-Montréal for making it possible to buy high-quality equipment at a reasonable price.

Thanks to our supporters, especially our beautiful cheerleaders (the women in my life) who encouraged us all the way.

Thanks again to Elaine, Valérie, Caroline and Geneviève, the last few weeks they've only seen me in skates or cleaning bearings.

Thanks to Rod for your know-how, especially the pleasure you take in sharing it with us through the websites and email.

Thanks to the owner and employee of the Couche-Tard on the corner of Lalande and Gouin, for their kindness and letting me use the toilet!!!

Thanks to Gilles, my training partner and buddy at this Défi. We made it Gilles, bravo to both of us.

And a last thanks to myself, for giving me the chance to live such moments of unmatchable intensity.

Roland Boisvert